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Over the last year me and my programmers have been working hard to create by far one of the most Advanced pieces of horse racing form Analysis you'll find anywhere.


The software uses some of the most sophisticated calculations and formulas ever created and will totally transform the way you bet on horse racing.

With just a couple of clicks the Software Instantly scans daily race cards and analyses each horse based on many many different race affecting factors. It analyses

Never again will you need to spend hours studying form because this Revolutionary software will do everything for you. This software does in seconds what it would take you hours to do manually.


Yes thats right... In just a couple of clicks the software will give you a complete analysis of every horse in every race making picking winning selections Easy.

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This software has been developed over the last year and has invloved a lot of hours and hard work. With a huge amount of development and massive costs involved its one of the most in depth pieces of form reading software you'll find anywhere.


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The reason for this is simple, In order for the Betting Software to work it needs to use data from a number of third party sites. Because of this the Software needs to be monitored and updated on a regular basis so it continues to run efficiently.

This obviously comes and a cost as I need to pay the programmer to run Daily and Weekly checks, this is the reason for the small monthly charge.

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